Massachusetts commercial food photography is something that we can create for you.

Spend an afternoon shooting some food photography by daylight.

We have a full-service, ready to go studio located in West Springfield Massachusetts.

Even though we have a totally professional, and equipped studio with all the lighting and equipment you can imagine, I really enjoy shooting just by the natural window light. To me, I feel this helps to give a better feeling of lifestyle and realism.

We love to shoot tethered, whether it’s with a 27 inch iMac, or a MacBook Pro. It gives us better flexibility to shoot in the studio, or on location.

We have done countless shoots throughout New England including Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

I’m still so very passionate about shooting, even after all these years. It still has that fun and exciting vibe, and now that we’re in the digital age, as in there are no more Polaroids, the possibilities for amazing shots are endless!

Props and backgrounds are key essentials to help project an image with a lifestyle feeling. We often like to use a variety of backgrounds such as wood and textured services. They can really make your images pop and be truly unique.

Another way to make your images truly your own is by photographing them on location in your own restaurant or at your company. By using some of the existing tables, plates and accessories you may have available, it gives the look of your products a more original ambience about them.

I am always looking forward to our next shoot. If you have a commercial project or product shot in mind, please reach out to us, and we will help you bring your ideas into focus and provide you with exceptional, professional photography.

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