Models Western Ma – Ct – RI- Boston – NYC For this shot, and a lot of our shoots we do, we decided to go more natural by using our available light studio, which consists of three large 5 x 8 windows. Just think of them as huge, built in soft boxes. Achieving this is very easy to do. You can either use the direct light coming in from a window, or you can diffuse the light with a scrim and just add reflectors around the subject until you get what you’re looking for. Lighting, as you know, is important, because it can shape the model’s face and make them look absolutely gorgeous. For this in particular shot, we started off by laying a blanket on the floor to add some texture. By using the light coming in from the two 5 x 8 windows and a reflector on the right-hand side of the model, we were able to kick back the light from the window and give our model a soft, natural, and absolutely stunning glow to her completion. My personal preference for a shot like this and many others I do, is to shoot with my Nikon 810 and a 50 mm 1.4 prime lens. To get the angle for this, I used a ladder, safely, and shot directly down at the model, which gave a very different and alluring feel to it. The shot was then finished up in Photoshop, of course, where everything ends up, and color graded to give that warm yellow look. Her soft, light skin was created by using the simple curve adjustments tool, as well as many other Photoshop techniques. Practice makes perfect when it comes to photoshop, that’s for sure. It will take a few trial and errors to find what best suits the look you’re going for in your editing process. The great thing about shooting at this studio is the fact that we have all these awesome natural light areas available and ready to go, but of course if you don’t have the accessibility, you can always recreate the look by simply shooting outside using the sun! So if you’re from Models Western Ma – Ct – RI- Boston – NYC area, we would love to talk to you about being able to create some amazing unique looks for you.

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