I love shooting simple things This baseball was shot by window light coming from the top left with a reflector on the right.

It’s great that the studio in Chicopee Mass has huge windows that act as big soft boxes. They can be used with the light coming straight through or can be diffused with a scrim to soften the light and give that saltbox feel.

When you shoot with available light it  frees up your mind to concentrate on the composition at hand and all of the elements in the photograph.

The other thing I like doing when shooting commercial shots like this is being able to shoot into Capture One on the computer. Not Only does it let you see the shot immediately it lets, you make those little subtle differences in composition and lighting as you progress toward your final shot.

I love giving myself self assignments it opens up your creativity and get you more excited about shooting. It’s like anything else the more you shoot the better you’ll get.

I have set a goal to take three shots a week personally to put on the blog. 

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