Senior Infromation

Western Mass and Northern Connecticut Senior Portrait Specialist-we are located in the heart of Western Massachusetts only 90 miles from Boston, 28 miles from Hartford, and literally just a few miles from all of Northern Connecticut

We have been the leading premier photographer in Western mass for over 20 years.

Actually we were the first to start photographing seniors as models both in the studio and on location.

We developed the first senior Model Program not only in Western Mass but in the towns of Agawam, West Springfield, Chicopee, Southwick, Belchertown, South Hadley, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Westfield, Northern Connecticut and many other locations throughout New England.

Our belief and vision has always been to treat our clients with respect and create portraits of people that look real, relaxed and beautiful.

Our seniors often say that the photography experience they had at the studio was one of the highlights of their senior year.  We take that experience very seriously and make sure that everybody has fun in a relaxed environment, during their  session.

The studio has been located in Western Massachusetts since 1983.  We built our senior business on the idea of having model like photographs from the very beginning. Matter of fact we started photographing models before we actually started to promote seniors.

Steinmetz Photography is located at 235 Western Ave. in West Springfield in the center of Western Massachusetts.

We pride ourselves on being different, creative an incredibly fun. If you choose to have hair and make-up you will have your own personal stylist in our in-house Studio Salon. We have five private dressing rooms for you to lay out and organize your clothing and change in privacy.

Recently The Studio has made a move into video introducing Senior Films. You can see an example of one on this page of Bianca Toto from Agawam High School. We feel that video is only going to become an extension of our photography business. When you really think of it, video is nothing more than many great still images captured and edited into four or five second clips. So after literally taking hundreds of thousands of still images the move into video is now a no-brainer and extremely fun for us. So if you are a high school senior from Western MA, Northern Connecticut, Boston or New England area we would love to work with you on producing your own Senior Film. We have many areas to shoot film on location in Agawam, South Hadley, Belchertown, West Springfield, Westfield, Wilbraham and surrounding areas.  All of these areas provide very unique and interesting backgrounds.

Walt is at a point in his career where he only wants to offer great photography for people to enjoy for their entire lifetime.

Our West Springfield Studio located in an old railroad building which provides us with over 10,000  Square ft. of Studio space. With plenty of free parking on the ground level right in front of the studio. It has over 15 different shooting areaswhich have strobes, that gives us the option to photograph using all types of lighting. Our large soft light sources produces very beautiful skin tones like you see in all of the New York Magazines.
We also have a full range of hot lights to produce crisp clean black and white and very sharp color images. If that isn’t enough, we have two incredible window light areas that produce outstanding lifestyle photographs.

We also have a very friendly and professional staff that will provide you with many custom options. We have complete control over all of your retouching and have two amazing Photoshop Artists that work at the studio.

And of course to top it all off we have a very customized projection room so you can see your images in full-size and actually see them displayed as art on your own living room or family room walls. This is possible by you sending us photographs of your different living spaces which can be imported into our software and then proportionally project your own images on the walls of your home.

The Studio

Any friends of Walt’s tease him about his love of construction.
Why?   His artistic passion & enthusiasm to create such a customized experience did not simply stop with mastering his photographic crafts.
He completely designed his studio, and did most of the construction work himself.

His profession as a season artistic photographer, has kept him busy overthe years

The Studio‘s environment is extremely “state of the art”, yet extremely inviting. The expanse space of The Studio is over a whopping 10,000 sq foot facility.

A New York feel….definitely, yet we are located right in the heart of Western Mass.

Your Experience

As there are various genres of photography, and different clients & needs; we are confident that we can truly tailor a mutual creative goal.Walt’s welcoming ability to be “customer focused” is what will make your experience be an enjoyable one.


Call us for your Customized Consultation & we can get to know you.

Be the first to get your Amazing Senior Portraits. This will be one of the best experiences you ever had in High School. If you have never been to our studio, then you are in for a real treat because the immense size of the studio will provide you with many choices of sets and… inspiration.

Call us for a private consultation or just call to set up a time to come in and see the studio and meet the staff,  I know will be an enjoyable experience for you and it will put you on the road to having the best senior pictures available anywhere, in Western Mass, Northern Connecticut and The New England Area.

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