Young Tweens grow up too fast. Capturing these precious moments at this time in their lives with a photoshoot is a great way to remember the moments. Preparing for the shoot in advance is super easy and always a great idea, which will be rewarding for the both of you in the long run! Having ideas already in mind will not only make the shoot run smoothly and fast, it will make it a lot more enjoyable knowing there isn’t as much stress revolving around it, and you can just focus on having a great time and getting the bests shots possible!


Helpful Tips for a Successful Photoshoot!

  • Clothing!

Before jumping into your photo shoot, its always good to have some sort of look and style in mind when it comes to picking out the right outfit to wear. You really want to try and capture your personal style in the photos. It helps to make everything more comfortable while being in from top the camera when you are in clothes you absolutely love. We always suggest sitting down and figuring out what you want the shoot to look like.

Having options is key. You always want to try and bring a variety of clothes and styles with you as to not get stuck with the same looks over and over, especially if you are into a lot of different things. Bright, playful, and contrasting clothing is a great way to go because it showcases the young, free spirited personalities. Accessories are also important, from shoes to hats to jewelry and even sunglasses, these are awesome things to bring along to help make your outfits fit the look and feel you’re going for.

  • Props!

For an even more personalized feel in your photos, throwing props into the mix is a great way to help tell your story. Bringing props will help represent who you are and your hobbies you love. If sports are your thing, bringing equipment is great because that can provide some action and can bring life into the photos. Or if it’s reading, or shopping, or dancing, bring those things in too! Something else that would be a great addition is a family pet, or even a best friend. Having someone else in your photos with you is always fun, and can help take the pressure off and make it feel more natural.

  • Style!

The right hair and make-up is a must! They can really tie in the completed look and feel. Inspiration can be found by looking through magazines, posters, department store ads, or even your favorite celebs. Not only will this help the cosmetic part of your style, but also the posing factor as well! It can help to give ideas of what to do in front of the camera so you don’t have to feel camera shy or awkward, because we would never want you to feel uncomfortable in front of a camera.

  • Location!

Location is all about the backgrounds. Whether you’re going for a high fashioned city look, or an outback country look, finding the right location is very important. Being in the studio will provide clean and controlled backgrounds and lighting. Being on location can provide the “real life” setting. Going to a park or your home or even your favorite hangout spot will help you feel more natural and comfortable.

We here at Steinmetz have had experience photographing tweens for the better part of ten years. Our customers ave found that it is a better option to your typical school pictures. These shoots can help make your child feel good about themselves and grow self confidence. If you are in the Western Mass, northern Connecticut, or surrounding areas and are interested in getting your tween a photo shoot, we can help provide everything you need. Now until may 15th, 2018, we are offering a special on tween photo sessions! We are currently updated our tween samples and are offering a complimentary session for the first 20 appointments made. Call or Email us today to learn more about this offer and to book your appointment.

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